What is Mastering?

Most recordings can benefit from having an objective, outside set of ears to help apply that finishing sheen, treat problem frequencies, reduce unwanted noise, and make it punchier, louder, and more consistent from song to song; or simply just to tell you it's perfect and you're done. This process, called 'mastering,' is especially important if your project was recorded or mixed in a less-than-ideal setting-- your bedroom, a basement studio, your mom's attic. Even large facilities have sonic anomalies that may not translate well to smaller systems, and when a release is destined for analog formats like vinyl or even cassette tape, mastering is absolutely essential.

Why Cauliflower Audio?

Head-engineer Adam Boose has been working in the field of audio mastering since 2000. And since its inception in late 2007, Cauliflower Audio has established itself with a growing discography spanning four continents, with projects featuring the likes of Ed Rose (Get-Up Kids, Appleseed Cast), Rae DiLeo (Filter, Henry Rollins), Dean Wareham (Dean & Britta, Galaxy 500), Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie), and Sonic Boom (Spectrum, MGMT), to name a few. You'll be hard-pressed to find another mastering house with the gear we utilize, the experience we have, and the rates we offer. We've been involved in bands for years and know what it's like to hand your baby off to someone else. The bottom line: we treat each and every project like it's our own and won't rest until you are 100% satisfied.

Some of our Recent Work